Rental accommodation in Prague

Rental accommodation in Prague
If you are going to go on their own vacation to Prague, you should have an idea of ​​where to look for apartments for short term rental in Prague. Let's talk about where the best and profitable to find temporary accommodation in Prague.
In the center of a lot of boutiques and expensive restaurants, there are crowds of tourists and of course higher prices. But to rent an apartment in Prague or find a decent apartment is still much more profitable than settle in the hotel.
A little farther from the center of rental housing in Prague is a bit cheaper, and reach the city center in 20 minutes. For example, from the area Michle, which is located in Prague 4 Tram easily take you to Wenceslas Square in just 15 minutes.
But the booking of apartments in Prague 6, a district of consulates and foreign missions, will cost significantly more. There is an apartment with a prefix as a residence, which are located in new buildings. Residence, a complex of buildings with underground parking, a reception and a vigilant guard.

Many residences have swimming pools, fitness centers and saunas general are completely free for residents of the apartments.
Further away from the start sleeping areas, the names of them with the Czech - sidlishta.
It is most often prefab houses in which is located the private sector. Infrastructure in these areas is quite well developed. There are grocery stores, if the metro station and not in an area that is easily accessible by bus or tram. The cost of apartments there will be affordable to everyone, and accommodation in a quiet residential area did not spoil your stay in Prague.
Many Russian-speaking residents live in the metro area of Nove Butovice and Hurka. There are several shops with Russian products, and even Russian hairdresser. For tourists in Prague 5 and 6 are considered to be an excellent area where you can rent an apartment. Plus in the fact that there is clean air. In Prague, mainly wind blows from the west, and was able to demolish the east. Barrandov district is also located on a hill, near the national park, which makes this area of ​​Prague 5 pas environmentally attractive. from Barrandov to Smihovsky station also can get here by bus or tram. The road will take approximately 17 - 20 minutes.
It should be noted that the stay in Prague, in any area that you like, not a huge amount of work, and would be much more favorable cost of living in hotels. As accommodation for Prague you can pick up at a very affordable price, and public transport to the center goes without problems.
Prague, one of the most magnificent cities in the world, rest in the dust, and successfully rented a place to live in this city, will give you a lot of pleasant experiences and will leave behind is not to forget the memories of the Czech capital

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